There is a new building in FarmVille starting today, the Feed Trough, a building with purpose that can turn the players into real animal lovers by luring in new animals to offer them shelter. Pretty cool, I think, especially for those who like to collect animals in FarmVille. So let’s read a complete guide for the FarmVille Feed Trough to see how to get the most out of this new feature!

You will receive the FarmVille Feed Trough as soon as you’ll log in to FarmVille and fortunately, it’s already built up and all you have to do is start using it: you need animal feed in order to be able to lure in new animals (20 bags for a complete through). Here is how to get more animal feed for your FarmVille Feed Trough:

– send and receive it as a free gift via the menu.
– post on your Facebook wall, asking for more feed
– click on posts on the Facebook wall
– Visit neighbors, click on their Feed Trough
– buy it for farm cash

Once you have 20 Feeds in your FarmVille Trough, a new wandering animal will appear on your farm (in 24 hours). Here is a list of animals you can get using this new building:

– Pancho Llama (NEW)
– Gray Horse
– Black Sheep
– Longhorn Cow
– Pot Belly Pig
– Rhode Island Red Chicken

Wandering animals will arrive in a random order, so it might be some time before you get the cool new Pancho Llama on your farm.

What do you think about the FarmVille Feed Trough? Like it or hate it?