lucidity-screenAfter starting to reboot old adventure titles – with Monkey Island being a huge success already – LucasArts decided it was about time to start working on a new game. That new game, just unveiled on GameTrailers, is titled Lucidity – a name that was already rumored a few months ago, so not the biggest surprise in the world.

However, today we have more details about Lucidity: it is a puzzler/adventure game, a 2D side scroller that apparently gives you control over the environment rather than the main character (an adorable little girl named Sophie). And this, yes, is quite interesting: you see, this Sophies loves to run and she will keep running forward (maybe she’s a blind little girl?) while you will strive to solve puzzles and clear the way for her. Doesn’t sound like the greatest thing in the world, but it might still be cool. We’ll see whenever the game hits our computers.

IF it gets a PC release, since LucasArts has, for now, only confirmed Lucidity for the Xbox 360…


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