batman-dlc-screenIt was expected that sometime next week we will receive the first downloadable content pack for Batman Arkham Asylum, but it appears that Eidos has some even bigger plans, and two such packs will be actually released: one on September 17 and another one on September 24. This is great news!

However, as it usually happens, the packs were not yet confirmed officially for the PC but only the PS3. But since previous reports stated that the expected DLC was going to be released for computer owners as well, I do believe that the second will follow the same route.

The announcement was made by Sony’s Mike Kebby on the PlayStation Blog. He said that the first DLC pack coming on the 17th is “Insane Night”, while the second DLC pack is titled “Prey in the Darkness”. There were no other details about the content, but everybody expects both packs to be challenge rooms. If so, it is quite possible that Insane Night is a combat challenge and the Prey in the Darkness is a predator one.

And since these packs will be free for download, I am really curious to see if Eidos will add in some extra “goodies” for the Batman Arkham Asylum pirates, as it happened with the really funny glide glitch.