l4d2-melee-weaponsEven though criticized, Left 4 Dead 2 will deliver quite a few interesting goodies, including more melee weapons than guns in the original release. And we all know that more melee weapons means even more fun for us, the zombie-blasting gamers, so here is the list with all of them, just to make sure you know what to prepare for:

– Baseball Bat
– Cricket Bat
– Crowbar
– Electric Guitar
– Fire Axe
– Frying Pan
– Katana
– Machete
– Tonfa (police baton)
– Chainsaw

Fighting against zombies “armed” with a frying pan doesn’t seem like the best option, but it will certainly be fun. And as long as there’s an electric guitar to smash to a Smoker’s head and even a Machete which should be “wow!” I am quite excited. What about you?

[via Joystiq]



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