tales-of-monkey-island-screenshotTelltale might have just released the first episode of five in the revival of the Monkey Island franchise, but the full collection is already the best selling product on Steam, which shows us that, in the end, adventure gaming is not dead at all!

Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack was, therefore the best selling product last week, and following the successful release of the first episode by Telltale Games, I am sure that the buyers won’t regret spending more for something they’ll finish playing five months from now.

Either way, if you’re curious to see what other big names did the new Tales of Monkey Island defeat, take a look at the charts below:

1. Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack – Telltale Games/Lucasarts
2. Street Fighter IV – Capcom
3. Fallout 3 – Bethesda Softworks
4. ArmA II – Bohemia Interactive
5. Left 4 Dead – Valve
6. Dawn of Discovery – Ubisoft
7. Counter-Strike: Source – Valve
8. GRID – Codemasters
9. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – Ubisoft
10. Trine – Frozenbyte