postitshooterscreenAfter a 7.5 Mb download and ten minutes of playing, you will agree that Post I.T. Shooter is one of the coolest yet strangest games you had played in a while and you’ll end your day screaming for more similar stuff.

The game, Post I.T. Shooter, was created by Crayon Physics Deluxe’s developer Kloonigames for the Experimental Gameplay Project (v3.0) and, as you will see for yourself, it really did the job right by managing to deliver some true and awesome experimental play.

Basically, this low-resolution indie game that can be downloaded and enjoyed for free by following the link at the end, is a shmup game made out of post-it notes with a stop motion rendering! Even more, the alien ships that have to be destroyed are generated randomly by the game, so you’ll always have new enemies to fight against.

Of course, after the first few minutes, you won’t feel the need to play for much longer, but either way Post I.T. Shooter was not developed to be played for 18 hours straight. It was developed to impress, to experiment new things and to prove that indie developers still have a lot of fresh ideas to improve our computer-generated entertainment. And that is something this free game does flawlessly!

So head over to Kloonigames and download for free Post I.T. Shooter!


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