heed-screenI have a pretty nice free adventure game to recommend you today (via IndieGamers), one developed by Ben Chandler, the man behind some other neat titles (also available as free download) like Annie Android : Automated Affection, Man Boy vs Doctor Sock or Shoot, I Got Abducted!

However, today’s free adventure is titled Heed – a strange adventure game with a nameless hero that’s searching for the purpose of his existence. Offering you an experience similar to that offered by the classic adventures of the mid nineties – but also less puzzles and gameplay time – Heed is a pretty nice title that should delight the fans of the point and click adventure genre.

Even the newcomers will have a nice time with Heed, especially since the puzzles are not that difficult and the story is quite charming. Please note, however, that the first 10 minutes or so might actually feel really boring – you’ll just have to get over these for the true experience. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Now head over to the Adventure Game Studio website and download, completely free of charge, Heed.