Juxta Labs have just launched Little Lingo, a very cute puzzle game that tests out your knowledge of… lingo. Acronyms and stuff, they are all here in the game and you should check out if you know them all. Also, a good way to learn them is by playing this game and never let somebody make fun of you because you don’t know your stuff.

We are here to give you a bit of a helping hand in case you get stuck with our Little Lingo answers for the first 15 levels in the game, level 0 to level 14. Although these might sound easy for some, others consider it really difficult, so let’s not waste a second and let’s see the answers below! If you find them helpful, please help us by liking the article on Facebook or tweeting it!

Level 0: What are you expressing if you say “THX”? – Thanks

Level 1: What does “Fave” mean? – Favorite

Level 2: Translate: lil – Little

Level 3: What does “PLZ” mean? – Please

Level 4: How do you feel if you text someone this: \o/ – excited

Level 5: What is your “ride”? – car

Level 6: What does “haha” mean – Laughing

Level 7: What are you rolling on if you “ROFL” – Floor

Level 8: What does “some1” mean? – Someone

Level 9: What would you call an obnoxious person on the internet? – Troll

Level 10: What do you want when you ask for a “P-ZA” – Pizza

Level 11: “IRL” stands for what? – In Real Life

Level 12: Translate: ILY – I love you

Level 13: Who is The Hoff? – Hasselhoff

Level 14: How do you feel if you’re “psyched”? – excited

And this is it! We have completed the first 14 answers in Little Lingo and if you feel too old 4 all dis “slang”, don’t worry – you’re not alone and there’s more to come! So stay tuned with us as we will be publishing more answers soon!

Update: As promised, we have published a bunch more Little Lingo answers, make sure to check them out if you need help with the next 16 levels!


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