I hope you are having as much fun as we do playing Little Lingo on your iPhone. However, there are probably some words or acronyms that you are not familiar with, and this is when Unigamesity steps in for the rescue with some Little Lingo cheats.

In other words, we have the answers for Little Lingo below, for levels 15 to 30 and we really hope that you find them useful (as a side note, we have the first 15 answers here). So if you get stuck, you know where to search!

Level 15: What does “B” in BFF stand for? – Best

Level 16: Define: derp – dumb

Level 17: Who is “Ne1” – Anyone

Level 18: What do you have to do if you “G2G? – Go

Level 19: What emotion does this convery? o_o – disapproval

Level 20: If someone tries to sell you something “hot” how did they get it? – Stole

Level 21: What is a “G1” – good one

Level 22: What does “NP” mean – no problem

Level 23: If someone is “nuts” what are they? – crazy

Level 24: What does the W in YW stand for? – Welcome

Level 25: Translate: dat – That

Level 26: What is FB? – Facebook

Level 27: What are you telling someone if you say “GN”? – Good night.

Level 28: If you’re in the “slammer” where are you? – Jail

Level 29: Who is the Honcho? – Boss

Level 30: “Grub” is a term for what? – Food

And this is it! We have completed some really fun levels in the game, levels that certainly managed to teach us some slang. If you found these answers useful, don’t forget to share them on Facebook, Twitter of Google Plus. And stay tuned because there’s more coming!

Update: We have published some more Little Lingo cheats, for the next levels, make sure to check them out!