I hope that you’re still rolling and busting them levels one after another in Little Lingo! If not, our answers for the game will certainly help you at least a little bit. We’ve gotten pretty far out in the game now, and we’re going to check below the Little Lingo answers for levels 31 to 45.

Don’t forget that if you want even more solutions for the game, you can check out the part 1 here and part 2 here. Now let’s have fun with more acronyms and slang!

Level 31: What does “NM” mean? – nevermind

Level 32: Who is the girl in the couple known as Haylor? – Taylor Swift

Level 33: What question are you asking if you ask “RU4Realz”? – Really

Level 34: Translate: CYA – see you

Level 35: If you talk about your “whip” what possession are you referring to? – car

Level 36: What does “TOM” mean? – tomorrow

Level 37: Define: peeps – people

Level 38: “W/O” means what? – without

Level 39: What might a rapper call those who disapprove of him? – haters

Level 40: What does “w/” mean? – with

Level 41: What am I telling you if it’s “NBD” – no big deal

Level 42: What is a “S/O” on Instagram? – shoutout

Level 43: What attribute does an “Airhead” have? – Dumb

Level 44: A “noob” is ___ to a game or skill – new

Level 45: What does the first “W” in “WYWH” stand for? – Wish

And this is it! We have completed 45 levels in this great lingo game and I must admit that it was pretty difficult to figure some of the answers out (I’m feeling old already!). If you found these answers helpful, don’t forget to share them to help us too!

UPDATE: We have published more answers, make sure to check them out here.