We are back with some more Little Lingo cheats for the iPhone and iOS game, this time providing you with the answers for the levels 46 to 60 – 15 new levels that test out your lingo knowledge and, if you’re like me, make you feel really old and outdated.

But let’s not complain, at least we have these Little Lingo answers here to help us out and at least seem cool. If you need answers for more levels, check out our archive here. If it’s one of the levels from 46 to 60 that you want to solve, read on and you’ll have your solution!

Little Level 46 answer
Drawers is a term for what? – Underwear

Little Level 47 answer
What do you want if you need some “Chow”? – Food

Little Level 48 answer
What does the “K” in “IDK” stand for? – Know

Little Level 49 answer
What are you doing if you’re “vegging out”? – Relaxing

Little Level 50 answer
Texting “7K” means what? – Sick

Little Level 51 answer
If something is called “Bananas,” what is it? – Crazy

Little Level 52 answer
Define: Badonkadonk – Buttox

Little Level 53 answer
Translate: Tow Up – Ugly

Little Level 54 answer
What does the “K” in AKA stand for? – Known

Little Level 55 answer
What is a “Chick”? – Girl

Little Level 56 answer
If something is “weak sauce” what is it? – Bad

Little Level 57 answer
What does the “F” in “FAQ” stand for? – Frequently

Little Level 58 answer
If I’m “hassling” you, what am I doing to you? – Bothering

Little Level 59 answer
What emotion does this convey? :) – Happy

Little Level 60 answer
Who is the boy in the couple known as Bennifer? – Ben Affleck

And here we have them – 15 more levels answered in the game, some of them that really made me do some online searches. But now we have all the answers in one place, and more are coming soon so stay tuned with us!