rage-screeenI’m sure that most of us can agree with the fact that id’s upcoming shooter Rage is an incredibly promising project, but none could’ve anticipated the level of coolness the game will deliver. The latest details on Rage, as presented by GameInformer (via Shacknews) show us how much the genre has evolved in the past years and just how complex it is.

Therefore, we now know that Rage will mix classic first person shooter elements with role playing game bits, like weapon and vehicle upgrades, as well as item crafting. Money will be also part of the Rage universe, with a gladiatoral game promising to offer big cash prizes; also, we’ll have a lot of vehicular combat in the game, too, including something that seems a bit more arcade, with power ups and ammo boxes placed around the courses.

In other words, I think it might be safe to say that Rage now seems like a huge scale FPS combined with Fallout 3, combined with Death Race. Which sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

The only potential problem regarding the PC version of the game is the fact that id considers Rage mostly a game for consoles, meaning that the PC version might be nothing but a port. Hopefully not a bad one: “I mean, yes, you can use the mouse for it but it’s critical that the controller be the way that we design the game,” said id’s John Carmack.

Well… at least the graphics on PCs will be much better!