killzone-2-dlcKillzone 2 can already be considered a huge game and we all know that huge games perform well from a financial point of view long after their release. And this is done via DLC – a notion Guerrilla Games is not a stranger to, but I’m sure nobody will mind. Especially because, according to the company, upcoming Killzone 2 downloadable content will be created based on the suggestions of players. And that’s always a great thing to do.

According to Softpedia, Steven Ter Heide, Guerrilla Games producer, said: “ “The plans are that there will be DLC, but I can’t go into specifics yet. The important thing for us is we want to be listening to the community, we want to see people play the game, and we’re anxious to get online ourselves. As soon as the game hits and we see what people really like, what they want more of, we’ll try and incorporate that into our DLC plans. The guys back home are already working on content, so it’s not quite holidays for us yet.”

Although their families might not be the happiest, I’m sure that all Killzone 2 fans are actually very happy to hear that it’s not holidays yet for the developers at Guerrilla and we’ll soon get some downloadable content as we want it to be.