halo-warsWhenever developers are planning a console real time strategy game, they probably are worried that the game won’t be successful, since these platforms are not really the best for RTS games. However, it appears that if you mix quality strategy gameplay with the Halo brand, your success is guaranteed.

At least that’s what the initial sales numbers presented by VGChartz suggest: Halo Wars has sold 250,000 units in North America on day one, making it a very successful release already. And, in my humble opinion, a real surprise, too – even if it was one of the hottest Xbox 360 games of 2009.

The website also reports that over 200,000 copies of the game were also sold outside America, which further means that the game will most likely pass the 1 million mark and eventually will become the best sold console RTS up to date. It’s not a certain fact, of course, but I can see that happening now. What do you say? Did you buy Halo Wars or are you planning to do so?