killzone2We have more details about the exciting Killzone 2 map pack: according to the official PlayStation Blog, the DLC will be made available for download on April 30 and it will introduce two brand new maps which are promised to bring us new gameplay elements as well as strategic twists. The price for this upcoming Killzone 2 Map Pack was not announced, so there’s still a slim chance for it to be free. Here are a few details on the maps:

Wasteland Bullet is the first new one, taking place on a bullet train transporting troops and supplies from Pyrrhus to the Wasteland. Your task will be that of taking control of the train from the other faction and you should expect some mind blowing (literary!) obstacles.

Vekta Cruiser is the second map to be delivered by the Killzone 2 Map Pack, and it will see soldiers defending a starship from a Helghast assault. The action will only take place indoors, and it is described as claustrophobic. But that is nice! So remember the date: April 30 – that’s when this Killzone 2 two map pack will be available for download.