killzone21As long as there is a game, there are cheaters too. However, that only starts to affect us when we’re talking about popular multiplayer titles – and Killzone 2 fits well in this category. With both cheaters and many players online. However, things might change a little since Guerilla Games doesn’t really like those who use the game’s glitches to cheat.

Via Twitter (what a strange way of announcing such an important news!) Guerilla said that it plans to take measures against the Killzone 2 cheaters, who now risk losing their PSN ID altogether. Here’s the brief but official statement:

“Glitchers risk losing their PSN ID altogether. We’ve been quite lenient so far but that’s going to change.”

And although many would be tempted to believe that losing your free PSN ID is not that much, since gamers can easily make a new one anyway, it is possible that all the trophies and downloaded content to go meet its maker as well, and that would certainly not do too much good, right? So play the game right and try to forget about cheating. At least in multiplayer!