blizzardThe folks at Blizzard are probably extremely busy nowadays, since the company officially confirmed they’re working on a fifth game, which is neither a new MMO, nor a WoW expansion. It’s obviously not Diablo III, nor Starcraft II, just to make things clear!

There are, of course, no details about the project, but at least Blizzard confirmed its existence and put an end to rumors over the internet.

“This brand-new game is not a World of Warcraft expansion, and it is not related to the next-gen MMO,? said a Blizzard rep to VG247. “In the present, the brand-new game is using the World of WarCraft engine merely for testing purposes.?

Either way, this might be the game to become the first original IP from Blizzard in over a decade ? their last original IP was Starcraft in 1998. Now wouldn’t we all like to get an all NEW Blizzard title? Of course we would. Hopefully they still have some inspiration left after all these years.