Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust might represent the revival of the dying franchise or, if this title is not successful, its final game. It won’t be long until gamers will speak, since Codemasters have released the game and you can now purchase it in the UK for £19.99.

Marking a return of the trademark humour that has brought joy (and sniggers), Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust brings the series to current gen consoles and PC. The game sees players take control of the misguided Larry Lovage as he spends his vacation working at his uncle’s film studio. Excited at the hope of picking out his perfect lady from Tinsletown’s most endowed, Larry soon uncovers a plot from a rival studio that threatens his uncle’s latest movie success; now it’s up to Larry to save the day (as long as he can concentrate on the right assets for long enough).

The released images showed an incredible low number of females, but I’m sure it’s just an illusion, because we all know that without the ladies, there’s no Larry. And yes, in other words I truly hope that this game is a success and “old Larry”, as those who played the first 5-6 titles know him, is back. I’ll check the game out ASAP and let you know.



  1. this game is actually extremely fun its just hurt by its poor execution. it suffers almost as badly as last remnant regarding frame rate issues, the world is very nice and its only shot in the foot by the fact the dreamscape in the wild west is extremely extremely extreeeeeemely long and tedious, you’ll die more times you can count, and they put checkpoints for your so called missions in the most mean places. the controls are really hard to contend with, it almost makes the game survival horror seriously. Im gonna keep playing because it is funny but i am on the verge of defeating it in a fit of rage.

  2. Thanks for letting us know, hayley. I haven’t played the game yet, but I will certainly get it, so expect a review rather soon-ish.


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