Prepare today to have quite a bit of information regarding Battlefield 3, coming straight from the great Gamescom arena. We have already shown you the great co-op gameplay video from the game and now it’s time to go more in-depth with all the multiplayer area of Battlefield 3.

In this article, I’ll share with you the key multiplayer features in Battlefiled 3, as announced by the developers themselves:

– Epic scale vehicle and infantry warfare
– Infantry only close quarters warfare
– Destructible environment
– Squad based team play
– Huge persistent soldier carrier
– Customizable soldiers and kits
– Customizable vehicles and weapons!
– Soldier Specializations
– Supported Shooting
– Suppressive Fire
– Quick reloads
– Multiple fire modes
– Reviving team mates (with opt out option)
– Vehicles with regenerating health
– Infantry only game setting
– Hardcore game setting
– Assist scoring for successful gameplay

Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it?


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