One thing I would like to talk to you about now in this Battlefield 3 multiplayer features series is soldier specializations and vehicle specializations. There is a total of 28 specializations you can choose from and I’m sharing them with you below since I’m really sure you’re really curious to see them.

Battlefield 3 Soldier Specializations

– Sprint Boost
– Squad Sprint Boost
– Flak vest
– Squad Flak vests
– EOD EXPL vest
– Squad EOD EXPL vests
– Suppression reduction
– Squad Suppression reduction
– Marksman training
– Squad Marksman training
– Extra Grenades
– Squad Extra Grenades
– Extra ammo
– Squad Extra ammo

Battlefield 3 Vehicle Specializations

– Coaxial MG
– Coaxial HMG
– Canister Shells
– Guided Shells
– Zoom Optics
– Thermal Optics
– IR Smoke
– Reactive armor
– Maintenance
– Belt speed
– Thermal Camo
– Auto Loader
– Proximity Scan
– CITY Station


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