Keiji Inafune, the creative mind behind Megaman, has launched a Kickstarter campagin for his new title, Mighty No. 9. It is a classic side-scrolling action game and is set to be developed by an “all-star team of Mega Man devs.” The developer, Comcept, has launched a $900,000 asking price to fund the project. As of September 1, the game has received well over $650,000 by over 11,000 different backers; all in 24 hours.

The game will feature a main character named Beck, similar to Megaman, that is the ninth in the line of powerful robots. Beck seems to be the only one uninfected by a mysterious computer virus that is going around. The game is currently set to feature 6 different stages. You can jump, shoot, and transform into a stronger robot. The 6 stages can be increased if certain stretch goals are reached.

What is more interesting is that if the project reaches $2,500,000, a 360, PS3, and Wii U version will be made available through digital download.

Several different stretch goals will allow for a variety of new features, game modes, and versions of the game to be made. Currently the $900,000 stretch goal will bring the PC version of the game to fruition. The game will launch on Steam and is looking to be set for a Spring 2015 release date.

Of course this Kickstarter campaign shouldn’t come as a surprise. Capcom have failed to create a compelling Megaman title for several years now, even going so far as abandoning the character all together. Inafune seems to want to keep the Megaman spirit alive with his team.