If driving your car is becoming nerve-wrecking when you have your kids aboard (and don’t worry – it ALWAYS happens to us all), then I have to share with you an iPhone app that will entertain them with themed content: Funny Road Trip.

Funny Road Trip is an application (even though can also be considered a game, obviously) that brings some extra passengers to your car, directly on the iPhone. They’re charming and fun and entertaining and will keep the kids busy with their tasks and challenges and you can finally enjoy driving without screams and all those distractions.

Here’s the description taken directly from the game: “Virtual characters of hitchhikers from all over the world will turn a boring way into a fun-filled trip. These hitchhikers will give your children tasks which will require them to pay attention to their surroundings and watch what’s going on outside. Every hitchhiker also has a lesson about his home country and its curiosities and gives the children a chance to choose a language to communicate with them in. You’ll see your kids will love it, even without constantly staring at the phone screen. You’ll be contented that your kids are not bored but also that you can take part in the game. Become kids again!”

The application itself is indeed really well done and, just as the developers say, it is fun for grownups too. Just check it out on the App Store (click the link) and download it to see that I’m not fooling you!