If one of your dreams, since you were just a kid, was that of owning a Sushi and Sake bar, you’re really lucky now because one surprisingly good game was just released on iPhone, Geisha Sushi & Sake Bar – a game that puts you in the shoes of the owner who must keep the clients happy and the profits coming. And no, the “Geisha” part has no dirty mini-games as some of you might have wanted!

Basically, Geisha Sushi & Sake Bar is a time management game where you need to give your clients the food that they ordered. However, this is not as easy as in other similar games, because each order represents a dish you need to prepare and therefore you need to memorize the ingredients. This makes the whole thing a lot more challenging and at the same time more interesting.

Although the pace of the game is great and the challenge level doesn’t drive you insane (after all, you have to play a game to relax in the first place), Geisha Sushi & Sake Bar doesn’t have the graphics that I love to see in such games and personally I don’t like the character design. But it might be just me and anyway, we’re talking about a really solid title here and I am sure it’s worth at least a try.

So head over to the App Store and check out Geisha Sushi & Sake Bar.