Plague Inc is an amazing game available on iPhone for less that one dollar, and a game that really packs a punch – the best dollar you’ll ever spend! However, Plague Inc is also a very difficult game and you might find it pretty difficult to beat the game – that is the exact reason why I have decided to create this article with tips and tricks for a perfect strategy in Plague Inc. Read the Plague Inc walkthrough below and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

We’ll start with strategy guide with a set of tips & tricks:

1. How to pause the game: this was something that I really needed and I guess many will find it useful. Just tap the date of the game and a box drops that pauses Plague Inc. Use this often because while the time flow is paused, you can still check out countries and do your research
2. Keep an eye on the prices – they go up for the evolution of the disease as time passes by, making it more difficult
3. For the biggest challenge, go for the Nano Virus. Easiest seems to be bacteria, even though the challenge is always high.
4. Don’t be afraid to DEVOLVE. Sometimes it’s better to do this, for example if the evolution makes your disease more deadly (increased LethalitY). You will also get back some DNA points and you can focus on making it more viral.
5. First, you should focus on virality of the disease so it spreads as fast as possible. It might be wise to adapt your evolution to your starting country (e.g. if it’s a humid country, make the disease spread faster by water).
6. A good strategy is, therefore, to start with a highly transmissible disease in Plague Inc and only afterwards make it lethal.
7. However, don’t delay making it lethal: waiting too long might mean that there are more people looking for a cure!
8. Bacterial Resilience is a good choice too since it helps with it mutating on its own. A disease that keeps mutating is harder to be cured…
9. Keep an eye on countries at all times and evolve to infect all of them – and focus, at the end, on the least affected countries since these might give you real headaches.
10. Don’t get your disease too scary, though. The scarier the disease, the more money that country will spend to find a cure!
11. Don’t be scared if it won’t all go as you wanted during the first go. Plague Inc is indeed a really difficult game and replayability is high here so you can try out new strategies.

So as I said, for the easiest challenge, you should go for a bacteria, while virus and fungus based diseases are the easiest to cure and therefore the more challenging diseases!

Make sure you share your strategy on beating Plague Inc in the comment section below, it’s surely ideal to have as many opinions as possible!