Fuusio is an amazing puzzle game that was just released on the App Store, a puzzle game that mixes some basic Tetris mechanics with puzzle elements and colors to create an absolutely amazing experience that will keep you hooked until you complete the game. Which is really difficult, as you probably know if you played Fuusio already, and that is the exact reason why I have decided to share with you this Fuusio Walkthrough (video below to show you how to complete the levels).

Also, you can check out after the video walkthrough of the first 10 minutes with the game, some tips & tricks to help you play Fuusio better and to be able to beat the game itself. Because the puzzles are not impossible, as long as you know exactly what you have to do.

But let’s start with the Fuusio puzzle game walkthrough below:

Fuusio Tips & Tricks

(images from the official blog)

Do you have any strategies for playing Fuusio to share with us?