Are you stuck in Icho 4? Can’t beat Icho Chapter 4? Don’t worry anymore as I have a walkthrough for you to help finish this amazing escape the room game and get over the most difficult bits of it. Simply read on the step by step guide to find the solution for Icho 4 in my Icho 4 walkthrough. For any questions, use the comment form below. Enjoy!

Full Icho Chapter 4 guide:

1. Go left and click on a small yellow handle situated in the lower part of the screen (it partially opens the door).
2. Go left. On the yellow pipe there, click on the button to the left.
3. Go left and note the red thing that looks like a clock (2 o’clock).
4. Go left and forward. Go left and forward again, then turn right. Click on the yellow button until the red one is placed at 2 o’clock. Turn left twice and click the yellow button four times (until the yellow button to the left is at 8 o’clock).
5. Click on the handle of the box below and set the lever to open. Go right twice and click on the Open handle.
6. Go forward, right, up and forward and get the key.
7. Go all the way back until you face the closed door. Click the button below the red light and go forward and left.
8. Open the door to the red corridor and go forward twice. Click on the keylock to open door and go: forward, up, forward and pull the yellow handle.
9. Go all the way back to the yellow door. Go forward and open that passage under the red button on the wall (the same that took you to the key).
10. Go: forward, left, up, forward, forward, right, right, forward, forward, down, right, forward, left, forward, right, forward, forward, left. You should be in the room you started, facing a newly opened corridor.
11. Go forward, right, forward and pull the handle.
12. Go back to the door below the red button and head up stairs. After you cross forward, turn left and go forward twice – you should now see a code.
13. Go left and forward and open the door. Go forward and notice a new fdoor. Dont open it – you will die!
14. Turn right and on that panel, click on the box at the top left corner. Get the yelow thing.
15. Go right, forward, right, forward, forward, right, forward, forward, down, right, forward, left, forward. You should be in front of a window and below is a yellow thing. Place the key you got earlier in there.
16. Go all the way back to the door below the red button, all the way to the door that would’ve sucked you into space. Now open it.
17. Go forward and don’t open the new door. Go left and down – take wrench.
18. Go all the way back to that yellow door (the one to the left of the door below the red button). Then go forward and left and open the red door. Go forward and turn left to see a box with some wires.
19. Use wrench with the screw and open the door of the panel. Click on the wires to pick them up.
20. Now go all the way back to the place you left earlier – in front of that third door you didn’t open.
21. Go forward through the door, forward again and turn left. Click on that circle to place the board.
22. Now comes the tricky part and you will have to do it on a trial and error: you have to go through the passage by aligning the circuit board. First press the red up button (the one with an arrow pointing up) once, then: turn right twice, go forward, right, and forward through the green tunnel. Turn left and pull the D handle.
23. You will have to do the same things for letters: C, F and A (white, blue and red passages). For C, press the up button once again then move back through the passage. For F press up twice, for A press up once. Follow that route, you will be teleported in front of the screen. Click on the red button to turn it on, then on next and the white button and you’ll be out

It’s been a hell of a game!