Having trouble beating 10 Blue Dots? Can’t find the dots? Don’t worry anymore since I have a walkthrough for you to finish quick and sound the 10 Blue Dots escape the room game. Follow the step by step instructions below in my 10 Blue Dots walkthrough and you’ll get all the items in no time! For any questions, use the comment form below.

Full 10 Blue Dots guide:

1. Drag the image on the screen to the left to reveal the first dot.
2. Move the top of the brown tree you can see from the window and get second dot.
3. Below the TV there are two things that look like two stickers. Move the one to the left away to get the third dot.
4. Fourth dot appears on the bottom row of the pillow.
5. Fifth dot appears on the chessboard.
6. On the door handle to the left, if you drag it, you will reveal the sixth dot.
7. On the lamp on the ceiling, simply drag the right bulb and you will get a new dot.
8. On the big window to the left, in the upper corner, is a small blue dot.
9. In the top right corner of the wall in front of you there is a hidden dot. Simply click and drag around the corner until you reveal it.
10. Move the black lamp’s top to reveal the final blue dot. That’s it!