Are you having trouble beating Third Room? We have a walkthrough for you to help! A step by step guide that will tell you everything you have to do in order to finish Third Room and enjoy the ending. Simply read my Third Room walkthrough below and use the comments section for any further questions. Enjoy!

Full Third Room guide:

1. Click on the bottom drawer and get lighter (do not light it unless you wish to go boom!)
2. Go right and get blank paper from desk.
3. Go right twice and take the crowbar atop the shelf. Click on the crowbar and use it with the left drawer’s door to get tape. Use it with the right drawer and get the box.
4. Go left and click on the blue button at the top right corner. Click on the button and use the crowbar to turn on the fan.
5. Go back and left and use the tape on the holes on the wall.
6. Click on the lighter and press the magnifying glass. Click on the lighter’s top again and light it up. Click on the blank piece of paper, then the magnifying glass and use the lighter with it to reveal the code.
7. Click on the box in your inventory, use the magnifying glass with it then use the lighter to burn the ties. Click on box twice to get key.
8. Go left and use key with the locked cabinet. Use the crowbar with the button then open the top drawer. Get the plug.
9. Go right and plug in the cord you just picked up. Click on the computer and use the password (mtceoa) and click OK. Go back and crab the blue card.
10. Go right and use the card with the reader near the door. Use the code (362) and click open.
11. Click on the door to escape the Third Room!