Having trouble beating the amazing Amnesia 2 escape the room game? It’s OK, we now have a walkthrough to help you get unstuck, a step by step guide to help you finish the game and enjoy the ending. Simply read the full and complete Amnesia 2 walkthrough below and remember to post any questions you might have in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Full Amnesia 2 guide:

1. Go right and get that stick to the edge of the desk.
2. Go left three times, then back and check under the dead man – below him, to the right side is a picture. Get it.
3. Go left and check out behind the couch. Pick up the crowbar (to the left of the couch).
4. You can also check out the writing on the top-left part of the cabinet. (you see L84)
5. Go left twice, then once back. There is a shiny spot on the desk – you must drag that coat over it (an object will fall under the bookcase). Look there and use the stick to get the object (a Key).
6. Drag the same coat back to its initial place and click on the chest to the left of the bookcase. Use the key with it and get the knife. Click on it in your inventory and click again on the black wheel to open it.
7. Go forward and twice to the left. Click on trash can and click again to the utmost left of the screen to get a piece of paper. Notice that the paper has number 39 on it.
8. Go left twice and click on the couch’s seat. Click on the top right of it to use knife and get the card.
9. Go right and forward and click on the card reader. Go forward and get book page plus magnifying glass on that desk. You can also check the book page to see the codes (page number and 10 left). You can also click on the photo then the name tag to see the name.
10. Go twice back and once to the right. Click on the computer screen and enter the man’s name (Henry Evans). Click send and notice the second reply (212).
11. Go twice to the right. Click on the blue book and read page 239 (it says right 36). On the book with a girl on, read page 84 (it says right 97). Click on the brown book at page 212 (right 59). We already have the page from the green book (left 10).
12. Go left three times, two times forward. Click on the picture on the wall, click tape and use the codes we just learned:
– right until the numbers are 36 and click ok
– right to 97, click ok
– left to 10, click OK
– right to 59, click OK
13. Get the door key from the safe. Go back and twice to the right and click on the door. You’re out.

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