Having trouble beating Haunting Escape 2? No worries, as I have the Haunting Escape 2 walkthrough ready for you, a step by step guide containing all the locations of the ghosts that will allow you to finish the game as soon as possible. So if you don’t want anymore headaches, read on the walkthrough below and enjoy the game!

Full Haunting Escape 2 guide:

1. Click on the desk near the door and grab the ghost from the middle shelf.
2. Click to the left side of the mirror and pick up a new ghost from the vase.
3. Go right and click on the table. One can barely be seen on the wall, to the left.
4. Click on bike and grab the ghost from the bottom left corner of the wall.
5. Click on the plant and click on the small wheelchair’s wheel – there is a new ghost there!
6. Go right and click on the black painting – there is a new one for you to take.
7. Click on the pillows on the bed and get one ghost from the top blade of the fan.
8. Click on the bike and grab the small ghost from the hadlebar.
9. Go right and click ont the clock. Above number VI there is a ghost’s face.
10. Click on the bottom left side of the piano and get the last ghost that can barely be seen in the top right, on the piano.
11. Go right and click on the door. Congratulations!