ut-3I loved going back in time and playing Unreal Tournament 2004, but it still does not compare with the latest title in the franchise. But now, following an announcement from Epic, people will put away UT2004 for good: a huge Unreal Tournament 3 update is coming, bringing tons of new features (including weapons!) and fixing lots of problems – many of which we had no idea existed.

If you want to check out the entire changelist of the upcoming patch (endless pages of changes, that is!), check out the official website. We have a few major improvements and changes listed below:

– Major enhancements to Server Browser
– Visual and menu flow overhaul for improved useability of user interface.
– Significant AI improvements, especially in vehicle gametypes.
– Client-side demo recording support
– Improved networking performance.
– Midgame map, game type, and mutator voting support
Award system using Steam Achievements
– Improved mod support

The even better thing? This is, according to the official website, just “a very small part” of what Epic has planned to offer us Unreal Tournament-wise. I’m sure that, just like me, you can hardly wait to hear what it is. So stay tuned with Unigamesity to get the latest details, as soon as they pop.