onslaughtSome people might want to blow them up, but Hudson doesn’t stop: the company plans to deliver a new WiiWare game – the first FPS ever released on WiiWare, Onslaught. So get ready to fight against hordes of insect cyborgs and save an alien colony, while wondering how come nobody else has created a first person shooter to be delivered via the WiiWare.

“It’s clear that core gamers feel that there’s a void in games that cater to them on Wii,” said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson. “With Onslaught, we’re aiming to fill that void and give gamers the option of an affordable, accessible, first person shooter experience on the Wii – something that hasn’t been done before.”

In Onslaught, players are sent on a mission to find the reason contact with a distant research colony was lost. Upon arrival, they find themselves attacked by an overwhelming horde of giant bugs. Players use the Nunchuk and Wiimote to aim, shoot, reload and toss grenades at the creatures in order to survive. As the bugs get bigger, so do the weapons, so you shouldn’t worry – if you do, there are always vehicles to jump in and get away! Also, there is a four person co-op mode, so fun will be guaranteed. However, no release date for Onslaught was announced yet.