The long awaited Far Cry 3 has been finally released and it’s a perfectly flawless experience for most players. However, a few unlucky gamers have problems playing the game as Far Cry 3 crashes, freezes or is bringing them a bunch of other issues. If you are one of those gamers, you might be in luck as I am here to share with you some details and tips on how to fix Far Cry 3 crashes, freezes and game problems!

First of all, it’s very important to make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for running the game. Also, updating your drivers (especially the graphic card drivers) is also a must do in game crash instances, so try that too.

If your Far Cry 3 problems and crashes are still not fixed after this, let’s go a bit more in depth with other tips:

1. Download the PC patch for Far Cry 3, 1.01 which was released by Ubisoft and is considered a “critical patch” fixing Upay problems and game crashing on start-up errors. Find out all the details about this critical patch and download it from Ubisoft here.

One crazy fix was found by ratfink88 on the Steam forums, which is especially useful for Windows 8 users, but also everybody should give it a try. Here is what he said:

“I’ve figured out the problem. I have my Steam installed on a Windows 8 Storage Space. Apparently FC3 doesn’t like being run off a storage space (that’s most definitely a bug in FC3; all my other games work fine), because when I move it to my C: drive (my SSD; not a storage space) using a junction point to make it look like it’s still installed on my D: drive (the storage space), the game works fine.”

Many other players are reporting that Far Cry 3 crashes during the “nice phone” part (or around that moment). You could try to lower your visual settings and see if this fixes the problem: try turning the settings to minimum until you get past this and then try to adjust until the game no longer crashes.

Running the game in windowed mode also helped a lot of players get past game crashes and black screen issues.

Another way to fix the Far Cry 3 crashing on startup (or general crashes) is to disable Uplay In-Game Overlay. Also, if you want to have it activated for online play, make sure that UPlay is updated to its latest version.

And these are the tips and tricks that I can share right now with you to help you fix the Far Cry 3 crashes and freezes. If you have any problems (or, even better, solutions to these problems), please share them with us in the comment section below!