plasmidsOne major element in BioShock 2 that makes the game even better is the use of plasmids. If you’re curious to see a list of all the plasmids in BioShock 2, as well as the levels and upgrades you can get for them, read on. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about this complete list of BioShock 2 plasmids!

Electro Bolt – fire lighting strikes (shooting water makes it become electrified)
Level 2: chain lighting striking multiple enemies is charged up
Level 3: you’re able to fire an extended beam of lighting while non-charged shots will strike multiple enemies

Telekinesis – use object or enemy bodies as projectiles
Level 2: you can pick up heavier items and cause more damage
Level 3: you can pick up any object, including living enemies!

Incinerate – ignites a single enemy.
Level 2: Charged up shots ignite multiple enemies
Level 3: Charged up shots act like a flamethrower. Non-charged shots act like a firebomb.

Security Command – when fired up at bots or turrets causes them to attack any target.
Level 2: When charged up, summons a maximum of two security bots
Level 3: When charged up, summons boosted security bots

Scout – become invisible and move around without being noticed. You can also fire plasmids in this state, but in order to progress, you’ll have to return to your physical body.
Level 2: You can also hack security cameras and vending machines

Winter Blast – freeze enemies for a period of time
Level 2: When charged up, enemies become blocks of ice (and can also be used with Telekinesis)
Level 3: Charged attacks fire beams of ice while non-charged ones act like a level 2 Winter Blast

Hypnotize – you can cause a splicer to attack anything nearby
Level 2: Charged up shots cause the targeted splicer to follow you as an ally for a few minutes.
Level 3: Make a Big Daddy friendly for a few minutes

Cyclone Trap – enemies that step on a trap are thrown in the air and get major damage when they fall.
Level 2: you can charge the traps with other plasmids (electro, incinerate etc) and make them cause extra damage
Level 3: you can place the traps on walls and ceilings too

Insect Swarm – send a swarm of bugs to attack an enemy
Level 2: the swarm will attack multiple enemies
Level 3: enemies killed by the swarms become hives, causing enemies stepping over them to get attacked by swarms, too.

Decoy – create a clone of yourself to distract enemies
Level 2: your clone will reflect damage to your enemies
Level 3: the clone reflects damage and heals the player at the same time