avp-leakedontorrentsIt was just a little while ago when I was shocked by the early leak on torrents of BioShock 2, but today things have gone even further: Aliens vs. Predator got leaked on torrent websites as well, two days before the release of the game.

As always, it is not known if the leaked copy is the full version of the game or the real one – but with almost 16GB of data (the size of the file), it might be the rcapeal deal. Of course, as always, there are already thousands (if not more) people downloading SEGA’s latest game, certainly aiding the PC game haters to add some valuable reason to their bashing.

Piracy on the personal computers has always been considered a problem, even though smaller developers didn’t find it that frustrating since they said it helped them become known and even sell more products to people who pirated their game and found it enjoyable. Will the same happen with Aliens vs. Predator? Nobody knows, but the early leak on torrents certainly is a hit for the developers and a win for the “pirates”, no matter how you put it.

What about you? Did you ever downloaded an illegal copy of a game just to buy it later if you loved it?