bioshock-pirated2K Games’ BioShock 2 isn’t yet available in game stores all over the world, but the game has already been leaked on torrents, certainly hitting the sales of the PC version at least. It’s not the first time when pirates manage to release such a highly anticipated and big name title before the official release date and it will certainly not be the last time.

We have no idea how the first day sales for the hot BioShock 2 will go now that torrent sites offer the game for free (but have in mind that downloading is illegal!), but we do know one thing: the game was highly anticipated and the number of downloads, from a quick check on open torrent trackers, reaches tens of thousands already! Of course, there are the private torrent trackers offering BioShock 2, and the pirated copies are certainly sky-rocketing.

We haven’t checked yet (and we won’t do it anyway) if the BioShock 2 torrents are genuine or scams, but judging from the comments, it’s the full version of the game you can download. Pretty sad to see another great title getting hit hard by piracy but… who’s to blame here?

What about you? Will you be downloading the pirated BioShock 2 version or buy it?



  1. I bought it. I’d be surprised if the pirate downloads have that much effect on the sales of the game. If they couldn’t get it for nothing, a lot of them wouldn’t have bought the game anyway – so no lost sale. Some probably wanted to have a look while waiting for it to hit the shops.

  2. What’s with the random bold words?

    Normally, I don’t say this, but LOL.

    I just woke up. I laughed at this article. There are random words and sentences, or portions that are bold. They have minimal importance to the story, and the bold words just make you look ridiculous.

  3. You know this happens with pretty much every game (fairly sure it happened with Modern Warfare 2, definitely happened with Borderlands and Mass Effect 2)
    They usually come out about a week before the game is officially released..
    Has it hit video game sales? Probably not all that much since this has been going on for some time and we haven’t seen a massive industry-wide loss in profits.
    Most of the people who pirate these games wouldn’t have bought them anyway.
    In addition as a poster above me pointed out, companies really screw over their customers with all these anti-piracy measures. Once I actually could not play Dead Space because it wanted to connect to some server and make sure I bought the game. When you can get a product without the DRM AND for free well….there’s not much incentive to buy the game at all anyway


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