With the release of the new PlayStation 3 firmware update (which brings it to v2.53), Sony brings a lot of changes to make your PS3 experience even more pleasant – many of the changes improve music and video playback and are not directly games related. But you an check for yourself, since we have below the full change list of PS3 v2.53 firmware update, per categories!

– You now have an option to set the PS3 to turn off automatically after a background download or installation of content. This option is available when you turn off the system while content is being downloaded or installed.

– BD/DVD has been renamed to Video Settings
– Sequential Playback has been added as an option under Video Settings
– Divx VOD Registration Code has been added under System Settings
– Power Save Settings have been added as an option for the system and controllers. They can now be set to shut off after a certain period of time
– The method for connecting Bluetooth devices has been changed
– You can now choose German, French (Canada) and French (Switzerland) keyboard types
– You can now select printers that support network connectivity including HP printers using the HP option

– You can now select one of nine volume output levels using the control panel
– Scene Search has been added as an option on the control panel
– Mosquito Noise Reduction has been added for video content that is saved on the hard drive or storage media
– During BD and DVD playback, a technique known as chroma upsampling is now automatically selected based on the movement of objects within the video to enhance images

– Playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved
– Text entry issues that have occurred on screen with Bluetooth keyboard have been addressed
– Trophies can now be synced with the server
– Pressing the PS button now allows you, on most PS3 format software, to view information from the Settings and Connection Status List option under Netwrok Settings

– Your internet browser will now support Adobe Flash Player content
– Full screen support has been added to Adobe Flash Player 9

Playstation Network
– The way to disable the automatic sign-in option and sign out have been changed
– Button designs have been changed on the Playstation Store along with the addition of a Redeem Codes button

– You can now view information about the most recent sign-in for friends.