With the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV hitting the stores next week, we’re going to find out more and more cool details, some of them strong enough to make us consider this latest version the best ever. But we’ll decide if that’s correct for ourselves – until then we have to dig and find out all the possible cool details.

So, following the tutorial we had on how to use the GTA IV Video Editor (and a video is coming shortly in our Video Watch feature), we have to tell you that Grand Theft Auto IV will get to a whole new level online, with Rockstar packing in a 32 multiplayer mode! Which is double compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions that only allowed up to 16 players to play online.

The feature, spotted by IGN during a hands on with the game, noted that although deathmatch and race matches can be played by 32 players online, the Cops’n’Crooks mode is still limited to 16 players and the same could happen to the free mode. We’ll see for ourselves in less than a week – on December 3, when GTA IV for PC launches.


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