I am sure that most of the people playing Gears of War 2 never felt the need for a patch, but Epic did and that proves just how serious they are when it comes to quality gaming. Therefore, the company released a patch for Gears 2 that addresses the matchmaking issues some people had complained about. Also, two more tweaks were made for the best possible online experience.

According to a post on the game’s official forum, there is another patch in the works (or at least planned) that will fix any gameplay issues. “We focused just on immediate infrastructure issues and have left any potential gameplay issues for a future update,” wrote an Epic spokesperson. And I really wonder what do they plan to change…

But until I get an answer, let’s see the changes brought by yesterday’s update to Gears 2:

– Adjustments to make Public matchmaking faster, especially in the single player party and the four player party case. Some of these adjustments should be felt immediately and some will play out over several days as our update enables us to reduce player segmentation by reducing the number of servers required to do matchmaking. This will increase the number of possible matches available for you to join.

– A tweak that should prevent Epic from losing some of our additional detailed stats data that they gather for gearsofwar.com. Due to the large number of concurrent matches, the stats gathering servers were not able to collect data for every single match played. The Xbox LIVE leaderboards are 100% accurate but existing stats web pages may have some missing data prior to the update.

– A fix to address the issue where some players were unable to start the story-based campaign if Xbox LIVE was down or unavailable.