Guitar Hero World Tour kicks off with top class, Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content: Metallica, R.E.M, Rick Springfield, Blind Melon and many, many more! Most of the downloadable tracks will be available at launch (because Activision just couldn’t put the tracks in the game, for free, you know?). But let’s not complain when there’s quality involved.

So, the first three tracks you’ll be able to download as soon as the game are packed together in a “Classic Rock Track Pack”. The songs included are: “Rock and Roll Band” by Boston, “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner and “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield and each is available as an individual download. Also, just to leave us the impression that it cares, Activision puts up for grabs (for FREE) Guitar Duels, an original compositions created by Ted Nugent and Zakk Wylde. But you won’t be allowed to play these during the career mode.

The following two weeks will bring Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour fans a bunch of brand new tracks, including “No Rain” by Blind Melon, and “Horse to Water,” “Man-Sized,” and “Supernatural Superserious” from R.E.M. Also, if you bought Metallica’s Death Magnetic for your GH3: Legends of Rock, you need not to worry, as the tracks are forward compatible. So let’s start the show!