There is a total of 46 Intel Documents in Modern Warfare 3 and usually more than 1 Intel location per MW3 level and I am sure that you’re finding it really difficult to gather them all. That is why I have decided to create and share with you this guide to the Modern Warfare 3 Intel locations and to make things even sweeter, I am also sharing with you a video that shows the exact location of all the 46 Intel Documents in Modern Warfare 3. This way you will certainly get them all and unlock the achievement. So let’s start checking out which are the Intel Locations for Modern Warfare 3!

Black Tuesday Intel Locations

Intel 1 location: After battling the Russians on Wall Street, enter the first ruined building and search in the second bedroom (you’ll see it after passing the helicopter, the Intel is laying on the floor).

Intel 2 location: After fighting the Russians in the small office, take the stairs down and find the Intel under the staircase on a counter in the destroyed Jewelry store.

Inter 3 location: In the lobby of the New York Stock Exchange building, on the left side of the room behind the big ammo crates.

Intel 4 location: After going up the stairs, in the Stock Exchange room you will find it on a desk to the back of the room, close to where the objective is.

Intel 5 location: At the end of the level, before getting up the last set of stairs to destroy the Jammer, you will find it on a table there (near the stairs)

Hunter Killer Intel Locations

Intel Location 6: As soon as you get into the submarine, in the bunk bed room, it’s the last on the right.

Intel Location 7: In the room where you killed the enemies with red lasers on their guns, take the metal stairway up and get round the entire room all the way above the door – you will find your Intel there.

Persona Non Grata Intel Locations

Intel Location 8: After getting out of the Courtyard, find the nook to the right and get the Intel from the top of a crate.

Intel Location 9: Go forward on the main street and enter the house to the right after passing between two wrecked cars and get the intel from the bedroom

Intel Location 10: In the bunker where you take control of the UGV, right behind Price.

Intel Location 11: While running towards the helicopter, on the top of the slide for kids is the last Intel in this level.

Turbulence Intel Locations

Intel Location 12: Go down the stairs and get the intel on the right

Intel Location 13: After the plane crash, go forward and jump over a log that is to your right and to the right of that you will find the Intel

Back On The Grid Intel Locations

Intel Location 14: After getting down from the sniper tower, find it in a building at the end of the street (where Price ran into).

Intel Location 15: Keep going forward, pass a graffiti-covered wall and find the intel in a shack to the left.

Intel Location 16: In the market, get inside the church and find it at the end of the room.

Mind The Gap Intel Locations

Intel Location 17: Right at the beginning of the level, on the alley to the left of the locked door, you’ll find it in a small building

Intel Location 18: Before opening the Truck (but you can also get it afterwards), go up the metal stairs all the way to the top and find it in a room there.

Intel Location 19: Walk up the first set of escalators and find the intel behind the counter.

Goalpost Intel Locations

Intel Location 20: Enter the crashed plane and find it there.

Intel Location 21: Keep going forward and before getting in the tank, find it behind a brick wall to the right.

Intel Location 22: At the end of the level, at the base of the bank, in a cubicle to the right.

Return To Sender Intel Locations

Intel Location 23: Go to the second floor of the blue building, at the start of the mission.

Intel Location 24: After capturing the HVT, you can find it on the desk behind them

Intel Location 25: After getting the countdown timer, go forward on the main street and find it in a little building to the right.

Bag And Drag Intel Locations

Intel Location 26: At the second floor of the book store, to the end and left

Intel Location 27: After getting out of the bookstore, in a small cafe.

Intel Location 28: In the room where you get flashbanged, somewhere to the left side of the room.

The rest of the text walkthrough for the Intel Locations in Modern Warfare 3 is coming soon, but until then you can check out the video below, courtesy of WikiGameGuides for the locations of all the intels in Modern Warfare 3: