I’ve just found out the first ever Crysis 2 images from the upcoming shooter and I must admit that they look absolutely amazing! It’s not really a huge surprise having in mind that the first game was also a real eye candy, but it’s always great to see that progress can still be made (hopefully that doesn’t mean that we’ll have to update our computers once more to be able to run the game).

The new and first ever in-game Crysis 2 images have been published by a German edition PC Gamer and if you consider the quality really low is because what you see are scans! Now do you feel the tickle?

I’m really impressed with the new concrete jungle, the fact that a bit of the feeling I get after watching the screenshots makes me think about Prototype and, of course, the fact that Crysis 2 is coming. Check out the first Crysis 2 images for yourself below (click to enlarge):


If you want even more scans, head over to the PureOverclock forums! What do you think about the game?


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