The second month of the year 2010 will deliver computer game fans a few goodies from the list of the most anticipated PC games in 2010. We’re not talking about tons of titles yet – just a few of them, safe for your wallet but still fun and promising enough to keep you busy by the end of the month. So check out the best PC games to buy in February 2010 and tell us which of these titles will you purchase!

01-sto-cover4. Star Trek Online

We’ll begin with a MMORPG that will be officially released on February 2, even though some game servers have already been started and you were able to play the game from late last month. Early reports suggest that Star Trek Online was worth waiting for and it is indeed a high quality product, so you might as well give it a try – get it from Amazon and start practicing: “Beam me up, Scotty!”

03-aliens3. Aliens vs Predator

The third game in the series and a revival of the original game released in 1999, Aliens vs. Predator didn’t receive too much marketing and quite a few details are known about it. However, if you really wanted to know some details on the game, you certainly managed to find out that Rebellion’s title is a really promising one, a first person shooter with quite an attitude that will make you spend countless hours in front of your PC, especially in the hot, three-way multiplayer modes! Expected to be released by the end of the month, Aliens vs. Predator can be purchased from

02-napoleon2. Napoleon: Total War

Probably one of the most anticipated turn based/real time strategies of the year, Napoleon: Total War will hit game stores on February 23 and putting you in the shoes of one of the greatest generals in the world: Napoleon Bonaparte. Except for detailed campaigns, we’ll get the chance to try our hand at single scenarios featuring the most important battles and we’ll certainly need our tactics book near by otherwise we’ll see a big Game Over on the screen. Napoleon: Total War is a must buy for all strategy fans, so hurry and order it on!

04-bioshock1. Bioshock 2

Already on the list of the most anticipated PC games of the year 2010, BioShock 2 becomes reality on February 9 and if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, you should hurry and do so. 2K’s sequel promises to deliver even more Big Daddy action. With new enemies, upgrade trees and a host of other brand new features – including the introduction of multiplayer, BioShock 2 is simply a must have. So, as I said, hurry to get it from Amazon or your favorite retailer!

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