generic-bioshockOne of the most welcomed additions to this year’s version of BioShock 2 is the introduction of multiplayer. As you probably know already if you’ve tried the shooter, there are 40 rank levels that can be unlocked in multiplayer. If you are curious to see a complete list of BioShock 2 multiplayer ranks, as well as the goodies they unlock, read on!

Rank 1 (0 ADAM): Pistol, Shotgun, Electro Bolt Incinerate!, Winter Blast, All characters’ initial Audio Diaries, various cosmetic options
Rank 2 (500 ADAM): Machine Gun, Staying Visible, Maternal Instinct
Rank 3 (1000 ADAM): Master Researcher and Security Evasion
Rank 4 (2000 ADAM): Aero Dash, Bronze Club Membership
Rank 5 (3000 ADAM): Pistol Automatic Upgrade, Without a Word
Rank 6 (4000 ADAM): Grenade Launcher,
Rank 7 (5000 ADAM): Speedy Recovery and EVE Saver
Rank 8 (6000 ADAM): Geyser Trap
Rank 9 (7000 ADAM): Shotgun Rate of Fire Upgrade, A New Medium
Rank 10 (9000 ADAM): Crossbow, Silver Society Membership, Tragic Comedy and Eagle Masks, Rolling Pin and Machete
Rank 11 (10500 ADAM): Back Stabber, Conscious Wind
Rank 12 (12000 ADAM): Telekinesis
Rank 13 (13500 ADAM): Tommy Gun Clip Increase Upgrade
Rank 14 (15000 ADAM): Nail Gun
Rank 15 (16500 ADAM): Metabolic EVE
Rank 16 (18000 ADAM): Houdini Plasmid
Rank 17 (19500 ADAM): Grenade Launcher Homing Grenades Upgrade
Rank 18 (21000 ADAM): Elephant Gun
Rank 19 (22500 ADAM): Sabotage
Rank 20 (25500 ADAM): Insect Swarm, Gold Circle Membership, Moon mask, Indigo feather mask, Mallet melee weapon, Barbed wire melee weapon.
Rank 21 (28000) Revolution Calls, Crossbow Damage Upgrade
Rank 22 (30500) Repairman
Rank 23 (33000) Nail Gun Magazine Upgrade
Rank 24 (35500) Speedy Hacker
Rank 25 (38000) Elephant Gun Sniper Scope Upgrade
Rank 26 (40500) Slugger
Rank 27 (43000) Pistol Damage Upgrade
Rank 28 (45500) Leg Up
Rank 29 (48000) Shotgun Auto-Reload Upgrade
Rank 30 (53000) Fast Feet, Platinum League Membership.Sun God Mask and Peacock Feather. Crowbar, and flashlight melee weapons.
Rank 31 (57000) Tommy Gun Recoil Decrease Upgrade
Rank 32 (61000) Deadly Machines
Rank 33 (65000) Grenade Launcher Velocity Boost Upgrade
Rank 34 (69000) Head Hunter
Rank 35 (73000) Crossbow Rate of Fire Upgrade
Rank 36 (77000) Big Game Hunter
Rank 37 (81000) Nail Gun Damage Upgrade
Rank 38 (85000) Death Trap
Rank 39 (89000) Elephant Gun Damage Upgrade
Rank 40 (97000) Resurrection, special reward, final cutscene, demon and octopus masks. Hatchet melee weapon.



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