Unlike the last couple of months of the year, January is never a blast when it comes to game releases – you have most of your money already spent in December, you keep playing the games you’ve bought or received during that period… in January we generally hibernate. However, even though the computer game release schedule is pretty drab in January 2010, there are still a couple of really hot games coming – games that should be considered as must buys. So start saving until the end of the month, because we start spending again!

Now let’s see the best PC games to buy in January 2010!

mass-effect1. Mass Effect 2

Undoubtedly the biggest release of early 2010, the sequel to BioWare’s amazing action RPG will hit in late January (the 26th in the US, the 29th in Europe) and is, by all means, a must own at least for the fans of the genre and those who loved the first title. And with new features like improved combat system, new alien races, a more open ended world and many more, Mass Effect 2 is certainly the game to get us ready for the new year!

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dark void2. Dark Void

Another big release, this time from Capcom, Dark Void is an original IP that will once again pit us against invading alien hordes and challenge us with some really cool mid-air combat sequences that will most likely keep us glued to the chairs for quite a while! So if third person action shooters (with tons of vertical action!) are your thing, then Dark Void is a really promising title you should try!

And if two games are not enough for you, I suggest checking out the PC Games of the Year 2010 awards here in the Unigamesity and try out any game you might have missed from the list!