Green Man Gaming, a digital marketplace that offers games at discount prices has today announced that it will be partnering with Telltale Games.

Steve Allison, SVP for Publishing at Telltale, said in a statement that he was “pleased to partner with Green Man Gaming and be part of their fantastic growth story.”

According to Martin Baxter, EVP Trading for Green Man Gaming, this decision was made due to feedback from fans of the site, “who voted The Walking Dead one of the top games of 2012.” He’s “delighted” at the partnership, and is looking forward to offering future Telltale games from the site.

In celebration of this announcement, Green Man Gaming has started a sale on all Telltale games over the weekend. This includes everything from the recent Walking Dead, to titles such as Sam and Max. From previous experience, while games on Green Man Gaming normally come with a Steam key, the more popular titles run out during sales and can take a while to be restocked.

Those interested should check out the full catalogue on Green Man Gaming’s official site.