HardwareBlackbird Interactive, the folks behind the upcoming Hardware have put out another trailer detailing the lore of the game’s universe.

Specifically, the trailer pertains to the Baserunner, a large armoured vehicle that gets around the deserts of LM 27 on six wheels. Apparently the Baserunner will be an integral part of every player’s army due to its versatility and sheer durability, seeing use as powerful transport craft.

Apparently the art style seen in the trailer is representative of what will be used the final game, with the developers wishing to tap into the same stylised mechanical feel as in Homeworld 1 and 2.

The trailer also hints a bit of the backstory for Hardware, with multi-planet spanning war being mentioned. Given that the Baserunner was developed for this war and is available for use in Hardware, players will likely be able to use other old military vehicles as they fight for shipwrecks on LM 27.

Hardware will go into closed beta in Q4 of this year, with no final release date mentioned yet. Those interested can sign up for the beta on the official site.