GTA V picture 1Rockstar has announced that the fifth update for Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer has been released, and they hope this will sort out the remaining issues to do with saving.

The developer announced on their blog the news that the GTA Online update 1.05 is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a focus on data being lost when uploading save data onto cloud storage when there is an outrage on the cloud server.

This update hopes to be the final solution to a long running problem of people’s cars going missing/losing modifications when exiting GTA Online.

The patch will also try and build up measures to protect the users’ money in an attempt to avoid it going missing when there are problems with the network.

In other news, Rockstar also assured us that the $500,000 stimulus package which was promised to us at the beginning of October and said would be released this week will be sent out in a few days time.They do warn that the stimulus will begin sending across a full day, and the timing of this influx of money is different for everyone, so your friends may get their money sooner than you or sometime after you.

Rockstar are still urging players to get in touch with problems they encounter on their support page.

What will you be spending your money on? Will you splash out on the most expensive apartment or save up for a hyper-car, fighter jet or a tank? How well do you think Rockstar have done in dealing with the problems GTA Online has provided so far?

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