Even though GTA Online launched two weeks after Grand Theft Auto V has been released the ambitious multiplayer mode has been plagued by problems. Players couldn’t connect to the servers, were stuck in the very first tutorial race or flat out lost their characters. While Rockstar has been aware of these problems and since has rolled out several updates that resolved most of these issues people were and are angry.

To sweeten the loss of characters Rockstar now has announced that everybody who plays GTA Online in the month of October will get 500’000$ for free. The money will be given out in two deposits worth 250’000$ each.

Starting next week there will be another update. If you download it you will get your first payment right into your online characters bank account. Later this month you’ll get the second deposit as well.

While this certainly won’t compensate for the loss of characters that people invested dozens of hours it is certainly a nice gesture by Rockstar. And it’s not a small amount of money too. For example it is enough to buy the most expensive apartement in the game and you would still have some spare cash.

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