Since the release of the PS4, gamers have loved Sony’s console and want more and more games to play. However, most of the titles available for the PlayStation 4 were even available for PS3. So, many gamers waited for the right time to buy the console.

Today, there are a number of exclusive and third-party titles that are available for PS4. So, is you are a gamer and love this console, read on to know some of the game titles you should own.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

01 witcher wild hunt

If you loved cracking some monsters’ heads and have enjoyed playing Witcher Geralt of Rivia, you should look for this game title. The protector is back and is all set to protect the Northern Kingdoms who are facing a threat from Wild Hunt. Wild Hunt is an army, powerful and mysterious that threatens to crush the world and everyone living in it.

However, you will spend a considerable time exploring the environments and completing side quests. One should not take these side quests easily because they might involve dealing with a Griffin that terrorizes villagers. Facing the nasty Griffin can be really difficult.

One of the most interesting features includes the Witcher Sense that helps Geralt to locate key objects of interest. Also, you have Gwent, the collectible card game that will help you relax and move out of the hectic zone. his game title is available at GameStop since 5/19/15. Check it out!


02 Bloodborne

If you love interesting challenges and want to invest your money in a title that comes from the makers of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, you should think of Bloodborne. This action-RPG title has been highly rated by critics and gamers because it is the spiritual successor to the previous titles from the creators of the game. However, the redefined experience is better because of a significant upgrade to the graphics (credit that to the new hardware’s power) and a faster gameplay. Yes, you will still need a solid strategy while engaging in enemy encounters because your enemies even move fast.

With improved graphics, there is no better game if you are looking for the epic challenge. Want to buy it? GameStop is your stop. Visit the store and buy it!

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Mortal Kombat X

03 Mortal Combat X

With improved graphics and gameplay, this is the best Mortal Kombat game ever! Mechanically rich, it will give you a realistic feel that helps you enjoy every bit of the game. Although it lacks the storytelling wit, still it is fun to play the game again and again.

In Mortal Kombat X, you will find eight new characters and distinct variations to give you an experience of a lifetime. So, you can enjoy playing the game with your favorite characters and experiment with the new ones too! The best thing about these new characters is that they are not tweaked alternate versions or palette swaps of existing characters but are completely new.

This is a big risk because the time and money involved in creating these characters could have gone waste because fans of the game have been used to their favorites and can rarely switch to new characters.

However, they are interesting, and we can expect gamers to switch even loyalties after playing with these new characters.

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Grand Theft Auto V

04 Grand Theft Auto V

Trouble taps are back with a new chapter in the series. Set in Los Santos and its surrounding beaches, hills and countryside, you will enjoy a set of new missions.

The game focuses on money (as usual) and is based in a re-imagined Southern California. With a number of interesting twists added, you can be sure that you will waste hours, days and weeks completing it.

The game is interesting from the start and remains addictively interesting till the very end. You can buy it at GameStop and get the best deals on your purchase. To save even more, choose coupons that can be clubbed with deals listed on the store.

Battlefield Hardline

05 Battlefield Hardline

If you love Battlefield 4 and have spent hours and hours of playing the same game before ejecting the disc, you should look into the details of Battlefield Hardline. With Battlefield Hardline, you will experience a thrilling battle with cops and robbers demanding control over the battlefield. If you wish to play a single player game, you will be Nick Mendoze, who is a Miami detective and wants to bust bad guys.

However, the multiplayer mode is even more interesting as you can choose to either make off the cash or arrest criminals. Also, you can use zip lines, supercars and plenty of gadgets that give you the advantage.

Check out the Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay trailer and grab a copy today!

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Star Wars Battlefront 3

06 Star Wars Battlefront 3

Gamers have been waiting for it, and the long-awaited sequel was finally out in December. With the developers working hard on this game, one can expect it to be a sure hit with the gamers, especially if you love such games.
So, buy this game title and enjoy the intense space and land battles that feature iconic characters along with locations and vehicles from the Star Wars universe.

Buy it and live the experience!

Which is your favorite PS4 game? Is it on the list? If not, tell us about it!